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By on 03/21/2015

source: http://revolution-news.com/

CApfJZ4WEAAB56pMadrid, March 21, 2015. Coinciding with the first anniversary of the massive March for Dignity last March 22, 10’s of thousands of people have returned this Saturday the streets of Madrid to demand ‘bread, work, shelter and dignity‘.

The protest was organized by over 300 social groups and 9 Dignity Marches converged on Plaza Colon in Madrid from virtually every corner of Spain shortly after noon today.

The main reason for the protest was once again unemployment, affordable housing, social rights and democratic freedoms, rejection of austerity cuts, corruption and privatization of once public services. Also banners against the free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States (TTIP, for its acronym in English) were seen.

Thousands and thousands of protesters have joined in the central Plaza de Colón, the same place they did last year, where they proceeded to read a manifesto from a stage specifically authorized to do so.

At least 17 people have been arrested(exact # unknown) some of them violently and beaten by police. It is estimated that around fifty people were detained by the National Police in central Madrid. Exact figures of injured, detained and arrested will be updated when they become available.

The police charges started minutes after they gave the call to disperse, many protesters were still on the streets near the Plaza de Colón. They started at Gran Vía, at the height of the Montera street, then spread into the surrounding streets and the Puerta del Sol.

A young man has been violently arrested by two agents of the secret police and a group of at least 30 people detained in Exchange Street, next to Plaza Jacinto Benavente.