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UPDATE FROM Maria Snow Herself:
« I am the person that was interviewed. I don’t think CBS is lying at all about the sample they collected. Cori and I had our own two samples collected mid-air and from fences. After I left the interview they collected their own sample. What I saw in this interview was not what I saw falling from the direction of an aircraft. Their sample was huge….. there are no samples of this « unknown fiber » that are that large. I believe they collected what looked to them to be the same fibers, but in all actuality, may have been a gauze bandage. There were cows down the street from where the interview was shot. I am not making excuses for anyone. I am simply telling the truth.

« We had these fibers tested and they were extremely high in three heavy metals. No matter what you call it, it fell from the direction of a military aircraft and on our heads… we inhaled this fiber… it tested high for heavy metals. Are you going to just laugh it off and let your children play in this stuff? It is occurring all over the globe… and what IF geoengineering/chemtrails are in fact much more than a « conspiracy theory »… why risk your lives and the lives of those around you. Please Google « geoengineering. » »

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